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Gabriella Molina & Sam Buxton

"Food should leave you feeling loved and nurtured"

Red Jacks was created by two childhood friends, Gabriella Molina and Sam Buxton.


Gabriella is a Doula and Antenatal teacher, valuing the importance of pregnancy and the post natal period, which is often overlooked in our society, but very much part of her Bolivian culture.


She understands as a mother of four herself that the right support and nurture can really make the difference to a mothers journey. She enjoys supporting women in all aspects, including preparing wholesome, healing meals for all the family.


Gabriella has been working in catering for over 20 years; having started by assisting her mother preparing food for exquisite private dinner parties and events in locations all around London.

" to care and cook for a family whilst they journey through their most precious time is the most rewarding job in the world"

Sam found his passion for West Indian cuisine, having been raised by his Jamaican mother and grandmother, watching them prepare delicious traditional meals.
His interest for West Indian food was further stimulated by studying Caribbean history at university, achieving a greater understanding of the historical perspective behind the foods produced there.

He likes to hold dinner parties, always  thinking of new and creative dishes (and also perfecting older ones) to wow his guests.

By their shared history and cultural heritage, Gabriella and Sam were inspired to form Red Jacks; a delicious combination of Latin American salads and relishes  (Gabriella’s family hail from Bolivia); with meats - jerked, stewed and slow cooked - in a variety of homemade West Indian style marinades, perfected over time.

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