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At RedJacks we believe that nature offers us the right produce at the right time. We vary our menu accordingly. All our produce is sourced locally as we believe in supporting small businesses such as ourselves. Below are some examples of the dishes and salads we prepare. These are all served with rice and peas.When we cater for an event or an individual we like to adapt our dishes to suit the individual or the theme.


  • Flash fried prawns with lemon, chilli and garlic 

  • Sliced jerk chicken breast 

  • Spare ribs in jerk marinade 

  • Pulled pork feijoada with spicy malagueta marinade

  • Slow cooked chilli beef seasoned with pimento and paprika 

  • Butterfly leg of lamb in salt, pepper and rosemary 

  • Fried sea bass coated in seasoned flour 

Salad examples


  • Rocket, papaya red onion with a sweet chilli dressing

  • Green pea, feta and mint drizzled in lime olive oil

  • Spinach, quinoa, tomato and avocado in a garlicky soya oil


  • Sweet potato, watercress, pomegranate and avocado

  • Pumkin, beetroot, walnut and blue cheese in a light vinaigrette

  • Coleslaw with our special RedJacks twist


  • Spinach, chorizo, walnut and halloumi drizzled in a lemon and herb dressing

  • Broccoli stems, sesame seeds pan fried in sesame oil

  • Winter slaw RedJacks style


  • Asparagus, rocket, raspberry and alfafa tossed in garlic drizzled mixed seeds

  • New potatoes and mustard seed and coriander salad

  • Balsamic shallots, strawberries, pea shoots and courgette with our signature RedJacks garlic dressing

We have refined our dressings over time and these compliment all our dishes which are based on both Jamaican and Bolivian recipes. The three main ones are:
Albachaca: a yoghurt and basil infused mix which works wonderfully with the spices of the jerk sauces used in our meats
Llajua: a spicy tomato and coriander sauce which offers the freshness of the coriander and tomato’s with the kick of the Jamaican scotch bonnet. This is a firm favourite
RedJacks signature marinade: a mix of paprika, cayenne pepper, pimento, lime, celery salt and blood orange.
Ají de mani: a Bolivian spicy peanut satay sauce renowned for being a popular dish in Bolivia which nutty spiciness compliments all of our dishes. In Bolivia it is traditionally eaten with beef hearts.

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