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Post Natal food

The post natal period is a precious time which is often overlooked in our fast paced society. The main emphasis is on getting back to shape and carrying on with our daily duties. It is normal in other cultures across the globe for the family, especially the new mother, to be nurtured. This can be honoured in many forms but always accompanied by delicious, nutritious meals to assist in regaining strength which also benefits the baby .

I have noticed, in my role as doula and post natal doula, that  this is not often possible for some families as they may not have a support network at hand. For more information on this subject please follow this link


RedJacks have created a service that offers meals delivered to your door. This could be once a week or as and when is needed.We will adapt our menu to suit the family and their dietary needs and tastes. All of the meals will be freshly prepared and packed with the vital minerals needed post birth.We cover south east London and some surrounding areas.Why not offer a wonderful gift of a meal voucher for a mother and her family? This can be redeemed as and when they feel necessary.

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